L4920 ACT 36/1947/

TURBODOR 29 MPA is a ready-to-use (RTU), low volume systemic herbicide for the selective control of problem plants in conservation, grass pastures, forestry and industrial areas. Observations in the field when using TURBODOR 29 MPA on Prosopis sp. and Acacia sp. are that there is a dramatic increase in insect activity (borer beetles and termites) as well as saprophyte growth (bracket fungi and other fungi) which is directed specifically at the treated areas. The net effect being the promotion and acceleration of natural biological decay of the treated plants and a knock-on benefit of stimulating the local ecosystems.

The methods of application include a cut stump treatment (which no minimum stump height is stipulated for), basal application for which treatment should take place from knee height down to soil level. Lastly a low volume foliar application for mostly cacti species.

Pack Size: 2L, 5L, 25L, 210L, 250L

Application Method: Basal, Cut stump, Foliar
Active Ingredient :
Triclopyr 29 g/l